Warning: This Training Is Not For Everyone
By Business Owners And Companies While Working From Home As A Consultant, Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You.
Dear Friend,
It's Patric here.

If you are interested to work for only 4 hours a week on average... 

... And yet, being able to build a steady 6 figures income business from home, then this may be the right page for you to read today.

Assuming you want to make RM 100K a year.

In case you are not from Malaysia, RM is Ringgit for the local currency. I'm just using that because I'm illustrating an "offline" example, while I'm living in Malaysia. So if you are from the U.S, then you just replace it with USD accordingly.

Well, you could write an eBook and sell it for RM 50 where you will need to sell 2,000 units. Which means, you need to acquire a whopping 2,000 customers - imagine the workload require to get thousands of customers.

Or perhaps, you have learned about funnels and you're going to sell some upsells from your book. Hmm. Doesn't that also means A LOT OF WORK?

Because you'll need to create MORE PRODUCTS to sell, not to mention, having the expertise to create funnels...

The fact is, there are just so many moving parts and you better be a top notch funnel expert to do that successfully. 

I mean, wouldn't your life be much easier if you just have ONE product to offer?

GOOD NEWS: There's Another Option That Requires Much Less Work (And Less Headaches Too).

Instead of doing the above, get consulting clients instead.

In fact, consulting is the "easiest" business to working less and yet, earning more.

Assuming you have a client hiring you as a consultant for RM 5,000. Not a lot of money, right?

But it could just be one proposal for you to close the deal and you don't even need to create all kinds of funnels and products to sell!

10 clients would have earned you a nice 50K income, but what if your fee is RM 10,000?

Just need 10 clients to build a 6-figure per year business, without handling 1,000's of customers and creating any complicating funnels or upsells.

The best part is, you just need 1 client a month and you still have 2 months for holiday in a year. :-)

How To Be A Consultant And Get Consulting Clients?

That's why I reached out to Andrew Cheah.

Because I knew he could share with you exactly how you can start a consulting business from home, even as a "one person" entrepreneur.
So I invited him to speak at my recent virtual summit.

And for about 2 hours, he teaches his entire consulting system - from structuring the consulting framework to finding clients.

Of course, I recorded the whole thing.

Now, before I tell you what Andrew shared with us in the event, there are somethings you should know about Andrew. 

Apart than being a friend and a student of mine who I can vouch for, he is the REAL DEAL of this topic. 
He has been a full-time consultant for the last 21 years and has consulted in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

His consulting clients even include Intel, Dyson, Accenture, Monash University, KFC Malaysia, Chevron, SP Setia, Zara and even, worked with the Mauritius Government!

But the most interesting part is, he was able to do this while working at home and doesn't need to build a big consulting corporation at all.
Let me share a bit of what you'll learn from this recording...
Section 1: Becoming A High Income Consultant/ Coach
How to be a 6-figure income consultant even if you only have a few clients?
  • What does a consultant or coach do to get paid so lucratively
  • ​How you can turn your skills, experience, expertise and knowledge into high income via consulting model
  • The strategy to identifying your skills or knowledge that can help others with solutions
  • ​How do you get paid as a consultant...
  • ​Discover the secret to become a 6-figure consultant by only servicing a handful of clients!
Section 2: Find Your Profitable High Demand Market
Discover how you can find a high demand consulting or coaching niches within just the next 5-10 minutes...
  • How to focus and servicing a high-demand market
  • How to find your high demand market by just using the internet, while you are doing it at home
  • ​Learn how to "niche down" your market based on the market's demand to get clients
  • ​The simple methods to further understand your potential clients, to understand what they want and present it for them!
Section 3: Develop Your Ultimate Consulting Program
How to create your consulting program that get results.
  • The formula of developing a solution-based program to help your clients to get results
  • ​Introducing the "Solution Framework" that works to get clients excited to working with you
  • Find out how plan your program that wow your clients with your expertise and know-how skill
  • ​How to create a consulting program that will continue to bring in more sales for your business...
  • ​Latest method to tap on the “New Normal” to gain more clients
Section 4: Secrets to Get Unlimited Clients Online
How to easily find your highly targeted clients through social media!
  • Understand the different marketing approaches to land big corporate clients and small businesses - both are profitable, but use different approach and serve different income objective
  • ​Case study example on how to use LinkedIn to find unlimited potential clients...
  • ​Discover the power of small business marketing by using Facebook
  • How to use consultative selling approach to convert leads to lifetime clients

Specifically Designed For People Who Hate "Selling!"

If you don't like "selling", you're not alone. I can't stand it either.

The 100K Selling System is not teaching you "how to sell". It's showing you how to build a consulting business and then, attracting clients to you.

First, you want to know how to position yourself as a trusted friend and advisor, as the person who are going to help them.

And you'll do it without using any pressure or hardselling. You won't have to stress yourself out, a consulting business is a professional business that you can run.

The "BIG MONEY" In Freelance Consulting Business Today

With the economic crisis, many small business owners and companies have started engaging freelance consultants to help out.

And for their cost-reduction plan, they have also sought out freelance consultants to avoid paying unnecessary hefty fees to the big consulting companies. 

I mean, when the economy is great, everything's fine. There's no need to for cost-down but right now, it's different. For instance, they may ended up paying RM 25,000 to a consulting company but with you, their cost may just be RM 5,000. 

Not to mention, because of the current situation, your consultancy may not even require in-person meetings anymore, but just via Zoom Meeting!

You Can Use The Same System To Sell Coaching Too...

Do you know that it is not just companies who are hiring consultants. 

Even individuals have started hiring consultants to help them out in various of expertise, sometimes, consultants are also called as "coaches" for individuals.

The good news is, you can also use the 100K Consulting System framework to get coaching clients.

So when you expand into the coaching business market too, not only you'll be able to get many more clients, you are also able to helping more people through coaching.

 Get 95% Incredible Discount Today!

In the 100K Consulting System Course, Andrew literally walk you through step-by-step, how to find consulting clients, craft your offer and sell consulting to build a 100K/year business, where you are also able to help the clients.

The investment for  the 100K Consulting System is just a one-time off $99, which is a small fraction for your ROI.

But instead, I'm going to give you a special 95% discount today - during this promo, your investment is only an affordable $99 $4.95. 

On top of that, you'll also get these 3 bonuses for free! 

BONUS #1: My 1-Hour Keynote Video

In this keynote presentation for my summit, I shared my "Operation Zero Employees" business model. This is the system that helped me to achieve my freedom and build a system to generate predictable internet incomes. As a bonus, you'll get access to the entire recording for free.

BONUS #2: The 100K Consulting System Checklist

After you've completed the course, we're going to provide you with the checklist so that you can get started on the right steps!

This would help you to summarize the entire course and you can also use this for future reference.

BONUS #3: 30 MINUTES 1-On-1 Consulting Session With Andrew Cheah!

For a limited time only, you'll get personal 1-on-1 consultation with Andrew, live in person over Zoom. This is to help you get further clarity on how to build your consulting. business.
Obviously, this is TIME SENSITIVE as there's only so few spots available. 

The only reason why we're extending this is to help you succeed and we can get as many testimonials for 100K Consulting System, thus, this bonus can be removed AT ANY TIME.

In fact, this bonus alone is already worth your entire investment for the 100K Consulting System today!
 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
That's right! Try 100K Consulting System Course for a full 90 days, RISK-FREE. If you feel that you didn't get your money's worth, I will give you a full refund PLUS I'll allow you to keep the product and the 2 bonuses for free.
Can you afford to pass up this opportunity? 

With what's inside the course that contains 4 session video trainings and the insane 95% discount, 90 days money back guarantee and 3 FREE bonuses, I didn't think so. Get instant access today.

STOP -- and picture how much easier will it be when you can just have a handful of clients to handle and be on your own to earning 5 figures income. 

And it can easily hit a 6-figure per year income business when you continue building it.

Think about all of the hard work of creating courses, doing webinars each week, building funnels and so on that you'll be able to avoid.

Order now for just an affordable one-time off $99 $4.95 and you will get access to my 100K Consulting System Course -- these tried-and-true techniques have taken Andrew YEARS (and serious money) to develop, could be all yours today...

Warm regards,
Patric Chan
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